Aside from our professional assistance in buying and selling, we can also be of assistance in:

  1. Valuations
  2. Financing
  3. Insurance
  4. Land registry
  5. Moorings at the Biesbosch Marina Drimmelen
  6. Service, maintenance and transport


On 14 December 1999, Rik Stekenburg was sworn in as a yacht broker and in June 2002 he received his certificate for broker in pleasure crafts.

As a member of the NBMS (the Dutch Union of Ship Brokers), Sterkenburg Yachting is entitled to perform valuations for, among others, private persons, banks and authorities.

As we are quite active in the field, we are skilled in estimating the yachts’ current market value. A correct valuation is very important to all parties; no one gains from over-financed or undervalued ships. Furthermore, we will check for you whether, according to the land registry, any particular rights still rest on the yacht, for example embargo or mortgage.

We understand that you, as the client, want the valuation to happen swiftly, so we will do everything to perform the valuation in as short a time as possible once we have received your order.

As the client, you can use our official valuation reports for, among other things:
-financing the yacht that is to be bought
-the insurance
-declaration of succession
-division of property.

We kindly invite you to visit our office in Drimmelen, to go through all the particulars concerning your valuation.


It occurs often that a buyer wishes to pay for part of the purchase price by means of financing. The most common form of financing is a ship mortgage. This is made-to-measure work: everything has to fit your wishes! We are able to offer you different kinds of financing, and you will be at the helm!

Because we are completely independent, we can offer you the best possible financing, with the help of financiers with whom we work often and who are, above all, trustworthy. We offer this service to German and Belgian relations, too.

Of course, we are also able to arrange the registration in the land registry which is obligatory with the ship mortgage.

Should you wish to receive more information, we invite you to contact us or visit us, without engagement, at our office in Drimmelen.


Insuring your yacht well is a must! Buying your new yacht has its risks, unfortunately. With the right insurance, these risks are easily covered. When choosing the right insurance, it is not only about the premium: the terms are very important too.

We possess ready knowledge on these topics. Because we are completely independent, we can help you choose the right insurance policy. Throughout the process, you will pull the strings, and we will be there to assist you!

Land registry

When buying the yacht of your dreams it is important to research a number of things well, so that you, when paying the purchase price, obtain the complete ownership of the ship. We at Sterkenburg Yachting guarantee the implementation of a “Cadastral Research”, which entails a check on who the actual owner is and on whether the ship bears no embargos and/or mortgages.

Should you wish it, we can take care of the registration of your prized possession in the Cadaster’s Ship’s Register. The perks of such a registration are:
-proof of ownership
-easy to track down in case of theft
-easy to establish a ship mortgage

Moorings & winter accommodation

Should you not have the disposal of moorings at the time of buying the ship of your dreams, we are of course happy to be of service in finding one for you. Within the Biesbosch Marina Drimmelen there are several possibilities.

The Biesbosch Marina Drimmelen is a modern and completely renovated marina, located on the River Amer across from the Biesbosch National Park and provided with all conveniences conducive to personal comfort. The marina is affiliated to the “Seven Sisters”, a collaboration of qualitatively venerable marinas in the Delta area. During the wintertime, we can arrange safe “hibernation” for your ship, whether on shore or in the water. Within the Biesbosch Marina Drimmelen a number of very professional companies are at your disposal for these services, who we are happy to contact for you. They can lift ships out of the water that weigh up to 100 tons.

Service, maintenance & transport

For service and/or maintenance of your ship we work with a number of professional companies. Whether it is about a servicing, about fitting a bow thruster or about a complete re-styling; we can give excellent advice on every subject. Furthermore, we can, at your request, arrange the transportation of your yacht to or from another country.

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